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Whale, whale, whale.

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I’m sure you have tons of questions, like:

Where am I?


Where am I?


Once upon a time, there was a website called LizRufiange.com. Writers from all over the land came to get writing guides and tutorials, learn how to write captivating stories, and find support on their writing quest. The website grew and grew.

But all was not well. 

By naming the website after a person (an admittedly attractive, wonderful, and inspiring person), the website became a story about them. (About me, Liz Rufiange. Hi! *frantically waves–all limbs flailing about*).

Can we drop the in-a-land-far-far-away for a moment? I feel like I’m walking into a trap of mixed up pronouns.  

Anyway, the website grew and it was all cool, but then it shifted course (much like the early drafts of our novels do). It was no longer appropriate to name the website after myself, like I was the protagonist of this story.

You see, dear writer, this isn’t a story about me. 


It’s a story about you. 


I created this website for you. It has always been a story about your writing journey. It’s here to help you build confidence in your writing skills and learn to use your own voice. It’s here to help you catch your creative ideas. To grow as a writer. This website serves to rekindle your joy in writing. The tutorials found here help you use your words to create worlds and ideas that challenge how people think.


I changed the name of the website to Write Whale because by using my name to describe this community and website, I was making it all about me. And there is something fundamentally wrong with that. Dude, if you knew me in real life—I’ve never enjoyed being the center of attention like that. I mean, I enjoy it a healthy amount. I guess. Like, I’ll never brush off a compliment about how I’m killing it with my Harry Potter pajamas.


This corner of the internet is for you.


What can I achieve here?


What can I achieve here?

Tons of things!

Basically, you’ll improve your writing, finish your novel, and learn to express yourself in a creative way. You deserve to do that. We’re here to help you develop the skills to be the best writer you can be.


I know you have a great story in you, dear writer. Let’s work together and get it down on paper!


What the heck is a Write Whale?!?!?!


What the heck is a Write Whale?!?!?!

Short answer: This is a Write Whale.
Write Whale improve writing skills
explain explain dalek
You know the novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville? Well, looooooooooong story short, the captain of a whaling ship makes it his lifelong goal to get revenge on a white whale that caused his crew and ship some real grief. To spare you from reading the 86,350,382,726,600 page novel, Captain Ahab’s quest is a stupid-dumb-unachievable one that costs him everything and ruins pretty much everyone’s life.
Captain Ahab’s mission was such an epic fail that it inspired an expression in the English language. Someone “chases a white whale” whenever they work towards a huge, Herculean dream/task/goal that will probably never come to fruition.
Pretty grim, yeah?
The Catch: This website isn’t a white whale. It’s a WRITE whale—ahahaha, get it? Anyone?


Anyway, it’s my job to help you catch your creativity and net your novel. Something that is totally achievable because writing is something that anyone can learn and find joy in. Sure, there will be times when it feels like your writing dreams are just like chasing after a white whale. But! Unlike Ahab (whose dream fizzed out the harder he tried), writing is a skill. That means you improve the harder you try. Writing is a whale you can catch.

So, cast your line and catch your creativity. Write and write and write and don’t stop because you can achieve your writing dreams!


What is Write Whale's mission?


Write Whale’s Mission

Here are the things we believe about writing:

  • First of all, we believe that writing is more than a grade you got in school. Didn’t do well in your Freshman Writing class in high school? That’s okay. Put it behind you. Seriously, it doesn’t matter. Writing is a skill that everyone can master and find joy in. The key idea here is that you always write for you—no one else. Not for a grade. Not because someone told you had to write in a specific way for a specific purpose. And definitely not for anyone’s approval. You write for you.
  • We believe that everyone is able to improve their writing and that they are capable of creative thought and expression. Chances are that you have a Great Idea passively taking up space in the back of your mind. Maybe it’s a snippet of creativity, or maybe you already compiled color-coded notes. Maybe you want to have a Great Idea, but you feel stuck. That’s okay too. We’ll work through it.
  • Another thing we believe is that writing is your chance to express yourself and interact with the world around you.
  • We believe that the best and most creative work thrives in supportive and respectful environments. As a result, you’ll find a supportive community that helps guide you through the writing process here.
  • We believe that a little practice every day puts you closer to achieving your writing dreams. We get that you’re busy with life, but if you want to improve your writing, you’re going to have to practice. One goal of Write Whale is to help teach you to manage your time to develop your potential. To clarify, your Great Idea means nothing if you don’t act on it. You want to write? Then write. Above all, your skill level is not an excuse (remember: there are no ivory towers here). So sit down and write. Or stand up, or lie down, or downward dog and write—if that’s your thing, you beautiful weirdo.


Who is Liz?


Who is Liz?

This is me. 
Liz Rufiange
Hey, I’m Liz Rufiange. I started this site in 2016 when I realized that I wasn’t achieving my own personal writing goals. I spent more time daydreaming than moving forward and actually writing.
This website began after a Really Bad Day. You know those Bad Days that give you a split-second moment of clarity? You step back and think: Why the heck am I doing this/putting myself through this? I am so much more creative than this and want more from life! That quick moment of clarity lead me to realize that I had developed a habit of avoiding the things that made me happy. I was complacent and stuck in a routine devoid of creativity. Even worse: I lost touch with the joy I found in writing.
How did I fix this problem? I threw myself into my writing. I wrote. Every. Single. Day.
The more I wrote, the more joy came back to writing—the more joy came back into my life. No lie. After that small change, I started feeling better. I had something to focus on and vent my energies into on those Bad Days. It was therapeutic. I felt so much better about myself and I felt better about working the creative muscles in my mind. This helped me realize that every single person deserves to have writing as an outlet and as a way to distance themselves from the Bad Days.
One of the major reasons I created this website was because I found it overwhelming and discouraging trying to navigate between legitimate, achievable writing advice and write-a-bestselling-novel-in-two-days-and-make-millions schemes. You know those writing guides with unrealistic parameters and goals that are only achievable if you make a blood pact and sell your soul to dark forces. 
I know you’re a sensible human being, dear writer. You don’t want to dabble with dark magic to achieve your writing goals.
That said, you’ll find no scheme or quick-trick to success here. There are no shortcuts to improving your writing skills and finishing a novel. It’s going to be damn-hard-work. But that’s okay. In the words of Debbie Millman, “expect anything worthwhile to take a long time.” Improving your writing skills is a worthwhile endeavor, and it will take time and effort. However, it’s Write Whale’s goal to provide realistic guides that support you on your writing journey and help you use your time productively.
This website makes me happier and serves as a way to fuel the joy I find in writing. I’d love for you to find and experience that same happiness. So, make yourself comfortable—I created this place for you.

Want to know more about me?

Pinky-promise that you’re not some weirdo stalker?

Check out my tumblr for a more personal look into my life and who I am. You’ll find a collection of the stuff I’m writing, reading, thinking about, laughing at, and listening to.

Looking for your next read? Here’s what I’m currently reading:

Slade House
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban





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Hey, I’m Liz.

I help high-spirited writers rekindle their joy in writing, fine-tune their skills, and nurture their creativity. I believe that *everyone* has the right to use their voice and writing to carve their space in the world.


I also enjoy the company of cats, collecting stationery products I’ll never use, and plotting world domination. Read more→

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