The last few months of the year are a source of dread for many. It’s when all the ways we failed to meet our writing goals are at the forefront of our minds, and it can be a real source of anxiety for many writers. If you feel like you’re running on fumes, panicking to accomplish your goals before the new year, or falling prey to end-of-the-year-blues, here are my best anxiety help tips. 
Let’s work together so that you can calmly and confidently end the year.
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End writing anxiety by celebrating your wins

The first step to getting anxiety help is to celebrate the things you’ve already accomplished. One of the biggest causes of stress and writing anxiety is that we focus on all the things we haven’t done, need to improve, and ways we fail at meeting our goals. 
That’s a lousy place to start.
You are creative. You are brave and strong for deciding that you want to be a writer. Your voice and story is important. You have unique and clever ideas. You are freaking-awesome
Take some time to think of all the things you are proud of for accomplishing this year. Even the little things. Was this the year that you finally decided to write down the story you’ve had in your head for years? That’s something to be proud of. Did you finish a chapter of writing? Did you take steps to overcome procrastination? Did you get a good grade on an essay? 

The first step to getting anxiety help is to remember that you are capable of great things because you’ve already done great things. 


Take a writing challenge that gives you anxiety help and relief

The #WriteOfWay Challenge provides anxiety help in a way that celebrates you. It gives you the space to grow and learn techniques to overcome writing anxiety. It also teaches you to draw strength from the things you rock at and use that as a foundation to begin tackling the things you want to work on. 
Even better? This four-lesson workbook is completely free. 
I could charge money for this (I get a ton of emails from readers who are incredulous and thankful that I don’t charge anything). But I don’t. My reasoning is that I believe that it’s so important that everyone finds the strength to use their voice, that I give my best writing, anxiety help lessons for free. 
It’s important to me that you overcome writing anxiety and tell your story. 
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Reframe your thinking

I mentioned before the importance of changing how we think about the writing process when we feel unmotivated. But reframing your thinking can also help overcome writing anxiety.


Forget about the end result

Wait, what??????? I know this sounds counterintuitive and backwards, but hear me out. 
I get it, you want to write well and finish something you can be proud of. We all want that. But, when we put too much emphasis on the end result (a novel, being a famous and celebrated writer, being our own boss, etc.), we lose track of where we are in the writing process and open ourselves up to writing anxiety and stress. 
Instead of hyper-focusing on where you want to end up, take some time to focus on where you are. Thinking too much about the end product (and how people will react to your writing) is a huge cause of writing anxiety. It’s almost like we forget that we have to finish the writing before we get there. Our brains fast-forward and expect us to be at a different stage of the writing process than where we are at. 
Every novel you read is the result of TONS of drafts and re-writes. Focus on where you are in the writing process. It’s okay to daydream about landing a book deal with a publishing company or quitting your day job, but you need to work towards that.

You can only get better

It’s something out of a Disney movie (literally), but you can only get better. 
If you reframe your thinking in a way that puts you as someone who is still learning and can only get better, you put yourself in a position to overcome writing doubts and anxiety. Writing is a skill you learn. You need to practice. If you feel anxious about how little you know about something, practice it until you feel comfortable. 
By thinking like this, you make it okay if you mess up. You turn any mistakes you make into opportunities to learn. This takes the pressure off of writing something perfect, and so it serves as a type of anxiety help for writers. You’re less likely to freeze up if you let yourself be okay with the fact that you’ll make mistakes. 
Writing is a learning process. We learn to celebrate our wins and reframe our thinking in an uplifting and positive way. Remember these tips about overcoming writing anxiety as you set your writing goals for the next year. 


Your turn!

What things did you do to work through writing anxiety? Leave a comment below—I’d love to hear how!
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